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Lori 'Minky' Radcliffe, RN, BS, CFNC, CFPC, Founder of Certified Fitness Nurse™ Academy, @loriminkyrad:"At we are not personal trainers who happen to be nurses. We show nurses how to stay in the health care industry and promote exercise within a 'not-so-healthy' pre-diabetic population;and NOT try to be a nurse in the fitness 'percieved healthy' industry. Just as waist reduction is 20% exercise and 80% diet; Certified Fitness Nurse™ Coaches are 20% fitness and 80% nursing in our practice. We teach a physical-environmental-financial-social-emotional model... like a nursing assessment.

We offer a 23-hour certification course for nurses who are fitness enthusiasts, who want to help pre-diabetics, with a specifically designed program for them, that will improve their health and reduce their waists in a sustainable manner. This is done through a 12-week group coaching course via the computer, video and telephone. We also teach you how to get started with only a few clients working part-time, from home and making full time money in a scalable business model. The physician and other health care professionals are actually where we get our clients and we utilize a fitness nursing assessment to determine the right minimum effective dose (M.E.D.) of diet, exercise and supplementation, the right client and the right time, which are the 3 Rights of a Certified Fitness Nurse™ Coach."
Street Address:P.O. Box 398
Eatontown NJ 07724
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Registered Nurses, RNs

Respect (or lack thereof) in nursing:"Hi everyone, As mentioned in another post, I am planning on attending nursing school in the fall. I still have some lingering worries about a new career, though I am exited! One think I've always wondered about is whether nurses are generally treated respectfully by doctors/other nurses/staff/patients most of the time. By this I am meaning on average - do you usually feel appreciated/valued for what you do? Or do you more often than not feel disrespected and demoralized in your role?"


Restless Legs Forum5,


Retained Objects in the OR:"I am a nursing student, I am doing an assignment on ethical dilemmas. If you were a nurse and you saw that a surgeon did not account for a suture after a patient had an operation, would you report this incident to the supervisor? one suture is still inside the patient, and the surgeon does not want the patient to know about this."


Returning To The Field:

Need a solution:"Does anyone have any advice on how I can explain this to new possible employers when they ask why my last job ended and why did I quit after only 9 months. I feel terrible about the situation, and I know 100% it will never happen again. I was a dependable employee; always early, never late, usually worked when called in or stayed over when needed, etc. Input please?"


Revenge, Name Your Favorite (On Doctors):"let's face it... we've ALL met at least know, that idiot who just graduated from the Demi-God Asscademy of Medicine... the one who looks down his nose at you and thinks you don't know your head from a hole in the ground?!? What do YOU do (WELL within the scope of your nursing practice) to let him know he needs to show up in the morning on the nursing unit with a box of doughnuts?!?"


Carol J. Rhodes RN, LNC, Medical-Legal Remedies Inc (MLR):"Medical-Legal Remedies Inc (MLR) provides medical-legal Litigation Support Services for Legal Professionals that include Legal Nurse Consulting, Paralegal Litigation Support, a Medical Information Service called Virtual Legal Nurse and Medical Expert Referral Service for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Hospital Risk Managers, Government, and Claims Management. MLR MLR's Paralegal Staff and Legal Nurse work together as a team to assist our legal clients with comprehensive medical-legal litigation issues and are committed to serve clients by offering our extensive experience and expertise to provide specialized high quality medical-legal litigation support services. By utilizing Medical-Legal Remedies Inc Paralegal/Legal Nurse Team allows the litigator to control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage with superior work products. So whether your firm or company needs a Paralegal, a Legal Nurse, or both - MLR will assist your firm or company with any medical-legal litigation case project."
Carol J. Rhodes RN, LNC
14286-19 Beach Blvd. #248
Jacksonville, FL 32250
(904) 223-3969 or


Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, Nurse Keith Coaching, New Mexico Nurse Entrepeneurs, Nurse Coaches:"Nurse Keith Coaching provides professional coaching services for nurses and nursing students. My services include health and wellness coaching, work-life balance, burnout prevention, burnout recovery, career coaching, and life coaching. The majority of my coaching sessions are conducted via telephone and Skype, although some face-to-face sessions are possible for clients living in Northern New Mexico. The development of workshops and webinars is currently in process.

During the course of 2014, I became a Board Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC) under the auspices of the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. My coaching services now also include "soulful social media coaching" and coaching in authentic networking skills, including the optimal way to maximize your use of Linked In.

I also offer custom Santa Fe-based coaching retreats for nurses and healthcare professionals who want to have a vacation AND do some coaching with me in my beautiful new office facing the Santa Fe Mountains."
2300 West Alameda, D7
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

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RN (Registered Nurse)

RN student-I need a word of Hope: ******************************************************

Rude Doctors,"Would love to know how some of you handle rude doctors, the ones that think every question is stupid; the ones that use every available opportunity to publicly humiliate. Last week, I had had enough and yelled right back, and the way my co-workers looked at me, I was half expecting to be sacked. It didn't happen, but I wonder if I potentially face valid administrative recrimination for speaking up for myself. Feedback greatly appreciated!"


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