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    Just Us Nurses, is discussing #AmandaTrujillo, RN, #nursefriendly #nurseup:""That's what Amanda Trujillo said she was doing last April when she spoke with a patient on the eve of their surgery. "I discovered that they had a very big misunderstanding about what they were about to participate in," Trujillo told CBS 5 News. Trujillo, a licensed nurse in Arizona since 2006, said she advised the patient of possible complications. The patient decided to delay the surgery and reconsider his or her options. Trujillo said she also ordered a case management consult for the patient to be educated about hospice care. "The doctor, ultimately, is the focal point that directs care for patients," said Banner spokesman Bill Byron, who said company policy prevents nurses from ordering a case management consult."


    Stephanie Jewett, RN, MBA, Nursing Comments:"Articles are written by Stephanie Jewett, RN, MBA. I hope to provide input for patients, caregivers, other nurses and the general public. Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you will consider linking to my site! Be sure to check out the RSS feed and Twitter buttons located on the upper portion of the sidebar."


    Jobs (Nursing)

      Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)
        Are good CNA jobs that hard to find???,"I am a 27 year old male trying to get into RN school. To try to get an extra point. I have a few months till the spring semester starts(knock on wood I get in) so I though I would go ahead and get a CNA job at one of the local hospitals(Oklahoma City) to get some experience, start my benefits(Insurance, etc.), and make some extra cash."


        Nurses Aides, Can't Live With Them. . .,"During my clinicals, we were at a local unionized nursing home. I remember one day I was supposed to be shown how to give a swedish bath. The two CNAs that I was with put an incontinence pad on the tub, put the female resident on the tub and accompanied me to the shower room. AFter telling me where everything was, they left. Oh, I forgot to mention that this poor old sweet woman has contractures. THey merely left after saying "If you need help, pull the string." I had told them TWICE that I had never done this before. After three attempts, I decided the call light was not going to get their attention."


      Travel Nurses Talk Travel Nursing,

        Assignment From Hell. Who ever thought it would happen to us?:"I am a seasoned traveler and I thought I knew all the questions to ask a new company. I have never had a problem with assignments/contracts/or accommodations.. - that were not resolved by the company I was with.- I have had several excellent assignments with PRN. When I changed companies I never thought I would have to read all the fine lines of the contract..but my most recent contract seems to be all for the company."


Joint Survey (Mock),"Guess what we had today. A Mock Joint Survey. So we paid someone to come tell us what we did wrong. And guess who got picked to go sit and talk to the Surveier and DON, nurse manager and nursing ed're right ME. I wasn't like it wasn't me with 15 patients a couple of students and a RN pulled from another unit for the first time."



Kristen Jones Consulting, LLC:"Kristen Jones Consulting, LLC, Legal Nurse Consulting and Life Care Planning will provide for your firm an in-depth understanding of complex medical situations and patient care issues, and bring an "insider's perspective" of hospitals and healthcare today. KJC will enhance your understanding of the injury or disease process, including the impact of various healthcare professionals specific to the situation. In the area of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation, this can make a important difference for your firm. Legal Nurse Consulting services include reviewing and interpreting medical records, preparing time-line chronologies, screening cases for merit, and assisting with discovery. Specialties include Medical Staff Peer Review issues, Hospital Policies and Procedures, community, state, and federal Standards of Care, and Obstetrical Case Review. Our services are used by both Plaintiff and Defense firms."
Kristen Jones Consulting, LLC
Kristen Jones, RN, CLNC, CNLCP
3000-F, Danville Blvd
Suite #141
Alamo, CA 94507
Telephone: (925) 855-1956
Fax: (925) 855-1930

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