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    Need Opinions on the Legality or Ethics:"I have worked in a long-term care facility now for about 3 months.We have about 60 residents.Nurses are abondoning ship one by one. We have a few dedicated nurses who are taking on more and more hours to make up for the shortage of nurses. My gripe? When is it appropriate for a DON to tell me I should overlook something illegal or unethical? We had a LPN working in the facility for 2 months on a non-renewed license. The DON hired her back. This LPN has caused more havic and problems for the facility than I can name. Also, I am finding documentation of neuro checks being done when the resident was at the hospital. Should I even continue? Please read this list and tell me if I am totally crazy to work for this facility."


Everyday Nurses:"This website was created by me, Terry Freemark, as a place for nurses everywhere to share our experiences, our concerns, and ourselves. It is not meant to be a department store type of mega-forum; rather I like to think of it as a user-friendly "boutique" type of site. You can talk about professional and work-related issues, or simply slow down and lighten your load, in a casual and friendly environment. Check out some of the links on the site - they'll provide you with some fast facts, formulas, and information that you may find useful in your practice."


everything you never knew:"Hello everybody! This is my first time posting here, so forgive me if this has been asked a million times before. I have recently decided to enter the world of nursing after four years of majoring in an entirely different field ( is life). I start classes this fall (going for my BSN), and was wondering what "gems" of wisdom you could give me to help me prepare for what to expect-- things you wished you had known when you were first starting out. All suggetions are welcome, especially those that will help ease my "am I smart enough for this" fears since I'm already a wee-bit intimidated!"

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