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Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Back To School:

Help! Other ways from LVN to RN?:"I started out as an Air Force corpsman and I was in for 8 years. I voluntered for as much extra education as I could (pharmacy, suturing, ACLS, etc.) and was certified in everything. I was given certificates for all. I need not tell you if anyone did military duty in the medical corps as I did that you are allowed to do many things that only an RN in the civilian world is allowed to do. When I got out I worked in various clinics and because of my skills I did a lot of work under the doctors licenses as they utilized all I had to offer. I decided to get my nursing license so I gave all my military paperwork and certification to the California LVN board and they authorized me to test. The test took me about 40 minutes and 3 weeks later I had my license."


Nancy Banfield Johnson, MSN, RN, ANP, Nurse Mentor Nancy, @NurseMentorNanc:"On my blog and in my presentations, I give strategies to bedside nurses gain confidence, respect and prevent burnout. I published my first book 10/2012, "Catching Critical Changes, Six Essential Steps for Effective Nursing Assessment."
10 Morton Road
Van Etten, NY 14889
Phone number: 607-215-3951
E-mail Address:
Social Media:
Homepage Address:


Benefits Packages (Employee):


Bias (Gender) Continues, The (Male Nurse)"Okay, you'd think with the great press and ad campaigns that have been seen this past year, nursing associations and their executive directors would become more sensitive to gender biased statements being made to the press, but nooooooooo! Here's is a quote from a major newspaper (I'll leave nameless) by the Executive Director of that state's (which I'll also leave unnamed) nursing association."


Blood Sugar Monitoring (Accuchecks)

    What to think about nurses who make up accucheck,"I know of 2 nurses in the facility where I work who change the accucheck numbers to lower numbers just so they wont have to call the doc. We have several residents who if their blood sugar is above 200 the doc has to be called. These nurses hate to talk to our medical director. This is falsifying medical records if I am not mistaken. The DON looks over it. Have any of you ever experienced such a thing in your line of nursing? Its very important that our residents are being monitored closely. I dont think its funny or amusing. These nurses tell me I am being too serious and shouldnt be so picky. I am sorry, but I didnt become a RN to make up things about our residents and not report it to the doc. Any one else with the same problem? or any suggestions?"


Bonuses (Sign-on)


Bowel Movements:

    Stay or Go???"I've been a nurse for 13 years, last 7.5 in the ER. I've never been written up in the 13 years I've been a nurse...until now. Unhappy patient receives different dx from another hospital - writes letter and finds fault with EVERYTHING we did for him. Pt. had 3 BM's, I documented each, Pt. stated that, after his 3rd BM "my nurse said she didn't look at the other two, why should she look at this one!" I did document all three in the PN. So, that part I'm o'kay on. He and family state that "the nurses made comments about the smell" R/T his BM's - I have absolutely no recollection of this occurring. Apparently, neither do my co-workers. I was written up anyway for behaving "unprofessionally" with the patient."


Beth Boynton, RN, MS Consulting Services:"Beth Boynton, RN, MS, Nurse Consultant & Author of award-winning book, "Confident Voices: The Nurses' Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces". Speaker, trainer, coach, and writer specializing in teaching nurses positive communication and collaboration skills, emotional intelligence, group dynamics & leadership.
Workshops and Speaking
"Whole Systems' work for culture change.
Facilitation of small group process work/teambuilding.
Coaching Nurse Managers & leaders
Change Agent work in preparing staff for culture change initiatives.
P.O. Box 192
Portsmouth, NH 03802-0192

E-mail Address:


Social Media Twitter:!/BethBoynton

Linkedin: Beth Boynton, RN, MS


Homepage Address:


British (UK) Nursing


BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing)

Bullying, Workplace Harrassment

    Workplace Bullying:"Have any of you been bullied by a superior? What happened and how did you handle it? I think that this may go on more than folks even recognize. Ex. To make vague threats of staff losing jobs is bullying. To accuse staff of doing something they did not do is bullying. "

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